Anti Bird Device

Anti Bird Device is a form of bird pest control. It is a device used to prevent birds from reaching certain areas.  Anti Bird Device comes in a variety of shapes and forms. The most common way is Anti bird spike and Anti bird baffle.

Anti bird spike is made up of three parts: steel wire, steel wire slot and U ring base, and the steel wire is inserted into the bottom of the steel groove above the U ring. The product was spiny and scattered. Repellent thorn has the following characteristics: elastic, easy to bend, suitable for different shapes of the surface; different colors can be chosen, and will not damage the beauty of the protection. It is used to prevent birds from stopping or building nests, protecting the surface from bird droppings pollution, repelling birds with good effect, lasting, simple installation, low cost, but low coverage. Scope of application: building balcony, outdoor advertising, signs and so on.

Anti bird baffle is fixed on the horizontal or small angle inclined baffle above the insulator string of the transmission line, so as to prevent the bird droppings from falling down the polluted insulator string in the baffle area.

Advantage :
1. Easy to Install - Attach quickly with adhesive, nails, screws, wire ties, etc.
2. Polycarbonate is transparent which is practically invisible include UV..
3. Cut recurring cleanup and repair costs with a one-time solution.
4. Protect buildings and equipment from corrosive droppings.
5. Environmentally Friendly - And Non-Lethal. 


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